QFaucet is a new site designed to give users an easy way of earning currencies - All by offering a convenient way of signign up via Faucethub. the site is made to be simple, but if you get stuck or have any questions simply give this a read.

What is this?

this site is utilizing Autofaucet concept. while sharing similiarities with a standard autofaucet, This site is a More Powerful Autofaucet as it allows ways to earn currencies that havent been used with autofaucets before! The Autofaucet Concept is simple: an Autofaucet is a modification of a normal faucet. where a normal faucet usually completes your payment in a single action, an autofaucet spreads this over many claims. this has certain benefits for both sides (Users and Owners) as this usually means that the longer a user stays on the site the more they get. this means more active users get rewarded more, while the owners get the user to stay on their page. however the greater benefit for the user is the ability to quickly levelup their Faucethub account. this caused some Autofaucet Owners to Abuse the Leveling aspect of Faucethub, paying close to nothing to a user while helping them levelup blazing fast. this caused a huge decrease in the quality of Autofaucets.

Our Approach took the positive qualities of the current autofaucet scene and tried to avoid the negative qualities.

What is a claim?

- a claim on this site is reffered to a single payout. so if each time you succesfully get a payment from the autofaucet you've just claimed! claims will use up QCoins to pay you. and they are the only way to convert QCoins into Cryptocurrencies

How do i Add an Address?

you can add an address in the "Wallets" Section! please note that there is a limitation to Adding a Wallet Address: it needs to belong to your Faucethub Account.

Whats the best way to earn?

It Depends on your Choice. We Reccomend you to try all of them and see which one you like most in terms of payout and fun. our earning methods are chosen to be diverse so everyone should find something they like.

for instance our favourite method is MoreTVtime, it Rewards you for Watching videos! JSE is also a Unique Way to Earn QCoins That only Our Site Offers! the Miner is a Great way to utilize your Computers Beefy Power to tearn it into QCoinsand shortlinks are an all-time favourite amongst faucet users



QFaucet Is a Revolutionary Site Based on the QFaucet Script giving a premium experience on the well established Autofaucet Concept. we offer Earning Methods Suitable for Everyone, Making sure that Anyone Can use QFaucet as great as possible! Through the Autofaucet integration, you wont just earn coins, you will also earn lots of Faucethub.io XP!


QFaucet Script

Disclaimer: this script is still in the alpha, and mainly launched for testing and to support Randomsatoshi.win!