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QFaucet Works by Connecting your account with your faucethub.io account account, so you dont ever need a password. simply use your BTC to login and you can instantly start claiming!

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you dont need to sign up. if this is your first time visiting, simply enter your faucethub.io-linked BTC address in the form above. if we cant find an account linked to your BTC address, we'll simply create one. from then on everytime you enter your address, you will automatically be logged in to your account!

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QFaucet Is a Revolutionary Site Based on the QFaucet Script giving a premium experience on the well established Autofaucet Concept. we offer Earning Methods Suitable for Everyone, Making sure that Anyone Can use QFaucet as great as possible! Through the Autofaucet integration, you wont just earn coins, you will also earn lots of Faucethub.io XP!


QFaucet Script

Disclaimer: this script is still in the alpha, and mainly launched for testing and to support Randomsatoshi.win!